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They turned their telescopes towards other close by galaxies → Ils dirigèrent leurs télescopes vers d'autres galaxies proches.

4. a person's prospect or obligation (to do, have etcetera a thing shared by many people today). It can be your change to choose a file; You'll have to attend your switch in the bathroom. beurt دَوْر ред vez řada die Reihe tur σειράturno kord نوبت vuoro tourתור pink, redosljed (következés:) rajtad a sor giliran tækifæri, skipti turno 順番 차례 eilė kārta; rinda giliran beurttur, omgangkolej نوبت vez rând очередь rad, poradie (biti) na vrsti za purple tur หน้าที่ sıra, yapma sırası (依次輪流的)順次,輪到 черга باري lượt (依次轮流的)顺次,轮到

vt sep she turned in her toes as she walked → sie lief nach innen, sie lief über den großen Onkel (inf); to show inside the ends of a thing → die Enden von etw umschlagen

Flip the cake the correct way up on into a wire rack → Retournez le gâteau du bon côté sur une grille.

turn - channel just one's attention, curiosity, thought, or attention toward or far from one thing; "The pedophile turned to boys for gratification"; "people today transform to mysticism at the turn of a millennium"

= immediate to turn one particular’s ideas/notice to some thing → seine Gedanken/Aufmerksamkeit einer Sache (dat) → zuwenden; to show a single’s measures homeward → seine Schritte heimwärts lenken (liter, hum); to turn a gun on somebody → ein Gewehr auf jdn richten; the law enforcement turned the hoses over the demonstrators → die Polizei richtete die Wasserwerfer auf die Demonstranten

carry about - induce to maneuver into the alternative course; "they brought with regard to read this article the boat every time they noticed a storm approaching"

turn - go bitter or spoil; "The milk has soured"; "The wine labored"; "The product has turned--we really need to toss it out"

sixteen. To induce to act or go in opposition to; make antagonistic: The scandal turned community opinion in opposition to the prospect.

a location where by a convert is produced. the turning-stage in the race; a turning-issue in his everyday living. keerpunt نُقْطَة تَحَوُّل повратна точка momento crítico / ponto de retorno zatáčka; zvrat, obrat der Wendepunkt vendepunkt καμπή punto decisivo, coyuntura crítica pöördekoht پیچ؛ نقطه عطف käännekohta tournant, moment décisif נקודת מפנה मोड़, संक्रान्तिकाल, युग-संधि prekretnica fordulópont titik balik tímamót svolta, 転機 방향 전환점 persilaužimas, posūkis pagrieziena punkts titik perubahan keerpuntvendepunkt punkt zwrotny تاوو، د عطف ټکی momento crítico moment decisiv поворотный пункт obrat, kritický bod; zlom prelomnica skretanje vändpunkt จุดวิกฤติ dönüm noktası 轉折點,轉戾點 поворотний пункт نقطۂ انقلاب bước ngoặt 转折点

= transform more than mattress, collar, hay → wenden; soil → umgraben; document → umdrehen; web page → umblättern

switch - induce to move alongside an axis or right into a new way; "flip your experience into the wall"; "turn the vehicle about"; "flip your dance lover around"

change close to, reversal - turning within an opposite path or position; "the reversal of your picture from the lens"

(Cook: = idea out) cake → stürzen; he turned the images out from the box → er kippte die Fotos aus der Schachtel

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